How to Make a Website with Divi?

Step 1

Pick a Name

Pick a name for your website and check, if it is available or not.


Step 2

Get a Domain and Hosting

get a reliable hosting

A domain name is your website name like and Hosting is uploading your site on the internet.

Step 3

Login to Cpanel


You can access your Cpanel from this link

Step 4

Install SSL Certificate

Install ssl Certificate

SSL Stands for Secure Socket Layer. Its a protocol used to encrypt the data sent between your web server and an application like your web browser.

Step 5

Install WordPress

Install WordPress from Cpanel

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), we’re going to use it, to build our website. It lets you build your site easily, without any coding knowledge.

Step 6

Login to your WordPress Admin Panel

Admin Dashboard

Type the admin URL for login into the dashboard of WordPress.


Step 7

Get Divi theme

get divi theme

Divi is a paid theme because it is the world’s best WordPress theme and you know nothing is free in the world. So you have to purchase the Divi theme.

Step 8

Download Divi Theme

download divi theme

Once you purchase the Divi theme now you have to download the package from downloads.

Step 9

Install and activate Divi Theme

Activate the theme you like

Upload the theme from your computer and activate it.

Step 10

Import Premade Layout

premade layouts

Once the theme is activated, you can import premade layouts from the Divi library.

Step 11

Edit the Content with Divi Builder

divi builder

After importing the design, it’s now time to start editing & adding your content. To edit any page of your site, simply go to that page and then edit it with Divi Builder.


Your website is ready.


Syed Ali Hurr

I am a digital marketer and i am ready to help you to grow your business in online space with the power of digital marketing.

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