How to Make a Free Logo Design Online?

To create your own logo, first, you should select a name for your company or business and when you are doing this you have to keep in mind some important guidelines, which are necessary.

Guidelines on How to Make a Free and Catchy Logo

  1. Your company name should be short (So your logo will look catchy)
  2. Easy to remember
  3. Easy to pronounce
  4. Your logo should be clean and simple.

So let’s start making your free logo.

Logo Maker

Logo Maker

We are using a Free Logo Maker Tool, on which you can make a logo without making an account.

Logo Color

Next, you have to choose a brand color for your logo, which should match your business. When you are choosing your logo color keep in mind that all colors have meanings and you have to select a relevant color.

Color Emotion Guide

Credit: Larry Kim – Medium

And you can get an idea of choosing a brand color for your own logo from this color emotion guide. When you get an idea and select a color then you don’t have to select the same colors from the guide but you can make your own color palette online.

Color Palette

Choose an Icon


Now go to the tool and choose a relevant and simple icon for your logo which matches your business name and business type. When you select the icon, now adjust the size and color of it.

Type Logo Text

Logo Text

After setting the icon now type the text of your logo or your company name and adjust it’s size also according to the icon and change the color. You can use two to three color but we recommend that you should use one or two colors in the logo.

Because simplicity is always best.

Logo Designing

Logo Design

You can change the font, which you like and suits your logo. You can also change the text style and make it bold or italic and apply the outline color effect also like in this video tutorial.

Crop the Logo

Crop Logo

When you are done designing then crop the logo and save it in your pc and use it anywhere you want.

Download the Logo


Download the logo in low resolution, which is fine because nothing in the world is free And if you want a high-resolution file you have to pay or you can also order custom logo services.

This is guys your free logo is ready.

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