How to make a blog?

Step 1

Pick a Name

Pick a name for your website and check, if it is available or not.


Try to pick a short and catchy name that will become a brand for you. People should remember your name so they can easily come back to your blog.

Step 2

Get Domain and Hosting

Hosting is uploading your site on the internet and domain is your website name ( and choose the reliable hosting company, which has some main features like lowest downtime, Free SSL Certificate and give SSD Space.

There are many hosting companies out there but we recommend you two best hosting companies which we have used for years.

TMD Hosting

get a reliable hosting


Choose hosting

Step 3

Install WordPress

Install WordPress from Cpanel


WordPress is a content management system (CMS), we’re going to use it, to build our website. It lets you build your site easily, without any coding knowledge.

Step 4

Choose Theme

WordPress has many themes in their repository but all themes are not good. So we recommend you to choose the best theme which is easy to use.

Choose from these:


get divi theme

It is a paid theme.


Astra Theme

It has a free and paid version



This theme also has a free and paid version.

Step 5

Install and activate the theme

Install and activate the theme

Upload your theme into WordPress and activate the theme and start making the blog site.

Step 6

Add new pages

Create a new page


Go to pages and add new and make some pages like home, about and contact page.

You should add privacy policy and Terms of Use pages to your blog site.

Step 7

Add a menu

Adding a new menu


Go to appearance and menu and then create a new menu and add pages in it. You can also add categories into your primary menu if you like.

Step 8

Add Posts

Add a new post in your site


Now start creating posts and by clicking on new and adding a post.

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