How to create a contact form in wordpress website?

In this step by step guide, you will learn how to create a contact form in the WordPress website, so you can interact with your customers. So, let’s start.

First, go to your dashboard and click on ad new plugin and search for the Happy Form Plugin, install and then activate the plugin.

Happy Forms Plugin

Then go to Happy Form and hover over and click on Add New.

Happy Forms Hover

Give your form a title like Contact Form New.

Give Your Form a Title

Click on add a part add a (Short Text) like “Full Name”. You can also change the Label Display as I’ve chosen inside.

Add a part

And you can also add description and place holder text. Also, make sure that tick the required field.

Full Name Field

You can also explore more options by clicking on more and change the field width.

Change Width

Then add a new part (Short Text) which will be “Email”.

Email Label

Add a new part (Short Text) which is “Phone No”.


Add a new part like (Checkboxes) and name it “choose a service” and add some choices like SEO, SEM, Website Design.


Add final part which is a text area (Long Text)

Message Field

Now go to another tab which is Setup and here you can set the success message and error message and change the button text like “Submit”.

Setup Tab

Submit Button

Now let’s go to another tab which is Email and write the email on which you want to receive the form submissions.

Email Tab

Go to the final tab which is styling here you can customize the style of your form and choose any setting which you like.

Style Tab

Now you can copy the shortcode and paste it on any page or post.

Form Short Code

Add Code

Congratulation you form is ready.

Final Form

As you can see Happy Form is very good and easy to use the plugin, from which you can easily create your form without any problem.






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