How to Create a Contact Form in the WordPress Website with Contact From 7 Plugin?

If you want to make a contact form in the WordPress website you can do it easily.

Login into you admin dashboard

Admin Dashboard

You can open your WordPress admin panel from this link and then type your username and password.

Install Plugins

We will use two plugins in this contact form making process the first plugin is contact form 7 and the second plugin is contact form 7 skins.

Go to plugin and click on add new and type contact form 7 in the search box and click on install and when the plugin is installed click on activate.

Contact From 7 Plugin

After this add a second plugin and for this type in the search field contact form 7 skins and click on install. When plugin is installed click on activate.

Contact From 7 Skins Plugin

Add a New Form

Add a new form

Click on Contact on the left panel and then click on add new. A new window will open then give your form a title.

Choose a Template


Go below on the skins plugin and click on the template tab and then select an event template or which you like.

Choose a Style


Then goto style tab and choose a Magnum style or you can select any one which you like most.

Add/Change the existing Fields

Add and change text fields

Now you can remove unnecessary text field or text from the premade and you can also see other tags and can add which you want.

And then add options in checkboxes field like SEO, SEM or Websites you can add as many options you want and save the form.

Configuration Error

Configuration Error

When you save the form you will face a configuration error and this error will show because of the tag which is not present in the form. Go to the additional header and remove everything and save the form. This error will remove.

Explore Other Tabs

Mail Tab

Go to Mail Tab and add your email address on which you want to receive information. You can add many emails separating from the comma.

Copy the tags and paste in the message body field because if someone fills the form and then you will receive only the information from the tags which are presented in the message body.

After pasting the tags arrange them line by line and give them a name like Full Name so you will receive the submission in a good manner.

Message Tab

Message Tab

Go to the message and change the successful messages if you like.

Add a New Page

Add a new page

When the form is completed add a new page by clicking on the page and add new and give a page a name.

Copy/Paste the Shortcode

paste the code

And copy the shortcode and paste it, and save the page. So you will see the form.


You can also change the title of the form and then fill the form and see if you are receiving the submissions or not.

Congratulation your form is ready.

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